Bethlehem Stories


Filmmaking training is the core activity of YPF S. It allows a number of young Palestinians to familiarize themselves with a new medium of self expression and to acquire the basic knowledge and skills of filmmaking process to use it as a tool to tell a story from their surroundings that is relevant to them and their society.

Based on our experience of partnership with the British Council in January 2013, and the success of the “Ramallah Stories” workshop held with cooperation with the Scottish Documentary Film Institute with support of British council, we built on that experience by organising more similar workshops in other Palestinian counties, specifically Jenin and Bethlehem.


  • To introduce filmmaking medium to more young Palestinians and provide

them with the basic knowledge and techniques of filmmaking as means

of storytelling.

  • To expose different aspects of Palestinian life to wide audience through

films made by young Palestinians.

  • To enhance the cooperation process with the British council in practical


  • To allow young Palestinians from marginalized areas to be part of overall social change.


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