About Us

Young Palestinian Filmmakers Society


Film making training Project started in the year 2000 and continued for nine years in collaboration with several local and international institutions. In that period dozens of Palestinian Youth have been introduce to the language of filmmaking and they produced 23 short films on their own. Building on that experience, “Young Palestinian Filmmakers Society” was established in 2009.


The vision of the “Young Palestinian Filmmakers Society” is based on believe that young people can play a constructive role in building a more healthy society if they were given the opportunity and the means to do so. We partner with youth centers and societies to develop the idea into reality.


Our mission is to establish, support, sustain and develop youth film and modern media communities in Palestine, by providing children and youth of both genders with audiovisual and new media tools to change their perceptions of themselves as being victims into positive acting members in the society, capable of taking initiatives and be positive facilitators of change, and equip them with better means of communication and interaction with their society and other youth in the region and the world at large.


Activity 1: To design and implement hands on training on utilizing audio visual channels.

Activity 2: To conduct yearly film festival and film screening campaigns throughout the year to enable youth to screen their films to a wide audience. It will also provide them with an opportunity to see films made by other children and youth from different parts of the world

Activity 3: To encourage youth and children to share their work, exchange ideas through social networking sites.