The International Young filmmakers Festival was founded and organized in 2011 to create the tradition of showcasing diverse short films of all kinds made by young directors from all over the world. The success of festival encouraged us to launch the second festival in 2013 which was even more successful. The screening of 35 short films took place in a variety of locations in the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza.

Third International Young Filmmakers Festival is a step forward from the first two festivals. It is open for participation for all youth under thirty years old from all over the world. Its main aim is to support young filmmakers in Palestine in their attempt to express themselves through the language of film. The festival will offer them a special platform to show their films to the public and get direct feedback from professionals, media and audience.

The festival also gives Palestinians, especially youth, the chance to watch films made by Arab and international young filmmakers, which will enhance their knowledge of youth thinking patterns and film trends in the world they live in.

The screening will take place in all provinces in public halls, universities, colleges and cultural centers. The films to be screened are a feast with international taste for film lovers. There will be forty (40) screening sessions in 12 locations, and all international films are subtitled in Arabic.