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Ramallah Stories workshop

8-Day Creative Documentary course This workshop was carried out on 19 – 26 January 2013. in partnership with the Scottish Documentary Institute, Young Palestinian Filmmakers Society and British Council. It was an introduction practice-led course in documentary designed to allow participants to: Understand how to work in a team Develop …

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My First Film workshop

Part time -Filmmaking course This workshop has started on May 8th 2013 in partnership with the Palestinian Cultural Fund, (the Ministry of Culture) and Young Palestinian Filmmakers Society. It was an introduction practice-led course in documentary, docudrama and feature film. 12 males and females participated in the course and each …

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Youth Video Training project

Youth Video Training project in Palestine has started in the year 2000. Over the period of 2000 – 2009, the project evolved from an isolated experimental venture to a regular experience. Thanks to the expertise and financial support from several partners. More than a hundred and twenty boys and girls …

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