Project summary

The nature of this project is to introduce Palestinian youth aged 13-30 to a new way of self expression: film making. It will provide a constructive medium for self expression for Palestinian youth.

The training components of this project cover technical areas from elementary video production stages to the more advanced creative processes of filming and editing. In a broader sense, the project will encompass cultivating the artistic and mental capacities of handling a theme or an issue and converting this issue into an interesting finished product.

The project is open to all Palestinian youth in towns, villages and refugee camps that are deprived from many creative activities.


The overall objective of the project is to enhance Palestinian children and youth’s understanding and articulation of their surrounding environment, culture and heritage by designing a comprehensive training program to enhance their skills and capacities.

Project specific objectives are:

  • To enhance the diversity of thinking patterns of the youth including expressing their fears and hopes of targeted youth.
  • To develop vital insight to different types of nurturing youth required to develop skills needed for creative expression for the targeted youth.
  • To assist in sharpening creative and analytical skills of the targeted youth.
  • To assist in developing confidence in teamwork and in problem solving techniques for targeted youth.
  • To improve the scope of targeted youth’s participation in overall discussion of important issues to them.
  • To increase interaction between targeted youth and other youth world wide.